Somnus Aeternus is a collective of seasoned musicians dedicated to sonic expressions of essential human emotions since 2007. We believe that negative experiences stand at the center of an individual’s development, as well as of that of the whole mankind. Our approach to musical expression is firmly grounded in a creed that there is no need for fantasizing about suffering, because there is plenty of it in reality to speak of. We care about our songs telling stories musically and lyrically, intertwining both in a mixture that is immersive and oftentimes unsettling. We are not interested in cementing ourselves in a specific genre as we believe that a lot (if not most) interesting things in music happen on the boundaries of genres and their various blends. That said, we do think slow is sexy and therefore the fabric of our music is heavily woven with crushing doom-tinged threads.

Somnus Aeternus have played shows across central Europe with a consistent critical acclaim. We have released two full-length albums and are currently working on a third.